1. Ehhhhhhhhhh .. U better work ..


  2. Are you that dumb bitch lmaooo


  3. #5acts #facts


  4. Report this fake


  5. Report this fake



  7. Thank you god for everything you’ve given me all the blessings #goodfriday


  8. My brother @apfresh192 bday with @chrisfresh192 @bstacks77 living life with ogs


  9. Happy Birthday To My Older Brother @apfresh192 love you bro may god continue to bless you.. #bigbro #rolemodel (at 40/40 Club)


  10. #tbt #halloween10 #goodtimes one of the realest parties we ever threw .. Shit was real @steveyoungrf_ @billy_bliss @dee_190rf I forgot y’all @