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    “PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING: I consider this account to be a very good forum when it comes to discussions on these subjects and even though I came to shine light on Instagram, I do enjoy knowledge of others. So, I want to discuss this with you all, get some views and opinions on this. So this Ice Bucket challenge has demonstrated to the Illuminati that we are certainly, definitely, absolutely, positively are sheep. Many are arguing that it is for a good cause. Donating money to ALS charity. Poverty stricken villages in Africa have been receiving “charity” for decades, still no significant improvement. This could be different but I don’t trust many charities. However, I’m almost positive many have simply been dumping ice water on their heads because everyone else is. Me personally, even if I was still sleeping wouldn’t entertain the gimmick, I’d probably just donate. Not because I’m afraid of the cold, it’s just not my thing. In my opinion, we abuse the privilege of water because we can. I’m sick and tired of hearing about this “challenge” which is keeping the sheep busy. Anyhow, a few followers have brought this to my attention. Being “conspiracy” minded I wouldn’t totally dismiss the possibility of this being possible. It does seem pretty far-fetched in my opinion but still possible. It is however interesting, especially in the times we live in. What are your views on this post and the Ice bucket challenge as a whole? Are the Illuminati seeing the sheep behave like sheep or is it all just harmless water wasting? LOL! Appreciate it. #icebucketchallenge #ritual #baptismal #sheeple #whatareyourviews #possibleornotpossible #ice #charity #illuminati #illuminatipuppets #forum #letsdiscuss”
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