1. With the homie we say high 👋👋


  2. R/P from @steveyoungrf_ #facts


  3. Anonymous said: I feel bad knowing that the gays are just at at at your tumblr. I hope you don't get pissed off and hate us

    Don’t matter to me they’re supporting me n not disrespecting me ..


  4. verdantkarma said: Hmn, not sure if someone is stealing and using your pictures on a hookup site and saying they're you. They also happen to list themselves as an escort.

    Be sure now that ain’t me bunch of fakes giving me more publicity


  5. this 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 by my boy @heatcollection .. 💯💯


  6. But That’s None Of My Business ..


  7. Thinking Of A Master Plan ..


  8. Pornstar.P . Nothing Was The Same .. Lmaoooooo 😉😂 @kirkstarr @mr_maine


  9. markowms:

    Ig Markowms

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  10. Morning …